Great Day in the Morning
from Lovin Out Loud
The prophet said there's a great day coming a long, long time ago
Now the years have gone by, oh my how time flies
It seems this world is out of control

But I'm so glad I made my reservation, he's prepared a place for me
I can hardly wait, as I anticipate, walking on those golden streets
What a day that will be!

There's gonna be a great day in the morning
Go spread the news about that homecoming day
When we see Jesus and the saints in glory, we'll get carried away
No more cryin', no more dyin', no more sorrow or pain
There's gonna be a great day in the morning someday

So many days are filled with gloom and sadness, fear and doubt set in
In the midst of it all, we stumble and fall time and time again
One happy day that will all be over for eternity
When we enter that land, that was not made by man
And the Master's face we'll see, what a day that will be!
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