Living Water
from Lovin Out Loud
If you're feelin' lost and lonely
If you're thinkin' that you're the only one around
That's ever been let down
You don't have to be ashamed
You can wash your troubles away with . . .

Living water, I want a long, cool dring for to wash my soul
Living water, out of my heart the spirit will flow
I've been drinking from the holy fountain
It's a gift from the Lord above
Springing up to everlasting life

If the weight of the world is on you
And there's nothing left to hold on to, then you'll know
You gotta let it go
Let me tell you, everything is gonna be allright
Rollin' on the river of life

Repeat Chorus

Fill your cup, 'til it's overflowing
With the love of Jesus

Repeat Chorus
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