Lovin' Out Loud
from Lovin Out Loud
Just a shepherd boy on a lonely hill writing love songs to the Lord
God lifted David up to be a king
When his friends and family criticized him he praised God all the more
He said I love my Lord, my rock, my everything

I'm lovin' out loud everywhere I go, gonna tell it 'til I've told every living soul
Gonna dance like the water, sing like the wind, shout like a trumpet all for Him
Takin' His will and makin' it mine, let my light shine
What I wanna be all about is livin' and givin' and lovin' out loud.

I want to give a smile and a helping hand to everyone I meet
I'll be testifying just like David did
Cause when you know the joy of God's tender grace it'll make you strong and free
It's a precious thing and I just can't hold it in

Repeat Chorus twice
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