What the Storm Does Not Know
from Lovin Out Loud
Some days have found me completely surrounded
By the fury of the storm in the air
With the dark clouds of trouble gathered around me
Ready to rain down despair
It seems almost boasting of the threat that it's proposing
So proud of the fury that it holds . . .

What the storm does not know . . . is over me, it has no control
I'm waiting safely with the Master for the calm that will come after
I will hold on for I know what the storm does not know

I know He's my shelter, and I know whenever . . . He speaks, the storm must obey
But until He chooses, oh, I will refuse to . . . give in to fear and dismay
I won't surrender, or let the storm hinder the peace that He gives to my soul

Repeat Chorus

I know He's faithful, and I know he's able, and I will find refuge in His arms

Repeat Chorus
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