My Father's House
from Every Day
He rambled far away from all he loved
He gambled and he lost his mind, then wound up in the mud
So he made his way down the painful path that led back to his home
He asked himself with every step, why did I ever go?

If I can get to my Father's house I'll tell him that I have sinned
And that I know that I'm unworthy to be called his son
I know I'll never understand how He could welcome me the way I am
But I'll find love, there's no doubt, if I can get to my father's house.

I identify with how the lost son felt
I've wasted time and crossed some lines and so confused myself
But I'm walking down the narrow path that leads to Heaven's shore
And following His every step, I won't worry any more

Repeat Chorus

And He'll say bring the ring, the sandals, and the finest robe
We'll have a feast and celebrate because my son who once was dead is alive
And he is coming home

Repeat Chorus
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