Heaven Is My Goal
from Every Day
Give me that old time religion
The one that has conviction
The same kind that the old timers had
The kind when they sang they shouted
When they prayed, nobody doubted
The same kind that was lived by my mom and dad
Give me that old time salvation
From Genesis to Revelation
That'll save you out of a dying world that's lost
I want the kind I can not only live by
But the kind I can also die by
The pure kind that was paid for on the cross

At the cross, at the cross where I first saw the light
Was the song they were singing when I knelt at the alter that night
I stayed and I prayed until the spirit filled my soul
I have the old time religion, now heaven is my goal

Give me that old time religion, they began to sing
It was good enough for my mom and dad and it was good enough for me
They made a joyful noise, clapped their hands and raised their voice
When the old time preacher began to preach
He read from the word, he told us, "return to the path he showed us"
And you shall find rest for your soul
To walk therein is a good way, it will lead you to the straight gate
And you shall live while the ages roll

Repeat Chorus (2)
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